Integrating GPS data with GSM cordless communications and Web innovations, the Fox gadgets supply higher efficiency, better solution, better success and also improved safety and security in vehicle monitoring.

GPS Lorry Radar is a have to nowadays, particularly if you are in transportation, logistic business or you just desire to secure your valuables as a person. Fox AVL devices help you make the many of your mobile possessions. Our innovative modern technologies, powerful features and advanced features enable you to remotely keep track of fleets using Internet connected PC or cellphone. We give basic, lite, complete and also sophisticated version of AVL devices to please various demands.

Either you want to establish complex fleet monitoring system or simply to set up one lorry monitoring, we have a remedy for you.

Key designs of Fox Monitoring Instruments:

Fox Easy AVL

– Affordable and simple to set up monitoring solution

Fox Lite AVL

– Mainstream tracking service with numerous most desired innovative choices

Fox Advanced AVL

– Tracking solution for demanding consumers with unique demands

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